Monday, 15 July 2013

Mirror Men!

Have you ever visited a beauty store and found shelves and shelves of products for men? Or simply noticed your brother or a close friend not leave the house without a glance in the mirror? Yes, it’s raining mirror men!
Vanity and grooming are considered to be stereotypical to homosexuals, but why is it beautifying oneself thought of as feminine or gay? While Indian men still struggle to find peace with the concept of metro sexuality, their foreign counterparts are way ahead.
Father, son, husband of a Spice Girl, fashion icon, role model, sporting ambassador. It is sometimes easy to forget that David Beckham was ever a midfielder of the highest caliber with more than 100 appearances for England. He has worn a head scarf, nail varnish, adorned his body with tattoos and changed his expertly styled hair-do every other week. He speaks sparingly and when he does, it is a slightly high-pitched effeminate whine. And as far as anyone can tell, his female partner seems to make all the important decisions. And yet his masculinity was never in doubt.
Masculinity has been established in a bizarre way. The man has to be strong, needs to have a beard or a mustache, have chest hair, shouldn’t have groomed nails and so on. But it’s time to stop defining masculinity by such dated ideas. Would you prefer a man who is clean shaven and has waxed his body hair in an advertisement or a hairy man with a big belly and a beard?
In a conformist country as ours, our men shy away from wanting to look more appealing. Despite, urban youth being open to stepping into metro sexuality, the concept still doesn’t appeal a major chunk of the heterosexuals. A traditional hetero sexual will however consider any man who is in touch with his feminine side, gay.